Just like most people, I’m always wanting more. With all the wonders that the world has to offer, it would be selfish not to indulge in them. Witnessing spectacles such as the Grand Canyon or the Mammoth Caves, I was left with the aspirations of traveling to last a life time. When I saw Kankakee Community College was offering a study abroad program to Canterbury, England, I left myself with no other choice but to go. To immerse myself in a culture founded on centuries of history was enough to sell me. Now a whole ocean between home, I’m a Cavalier abroad writing to share my travels with the rest of you.


  1. I am very happy for you and the opportunity that you have to study abroad in Canterbury England. I myself would love to travel to Spain my in my last year in school and am very much intrested in the dynamics on how this is going to acctually work because it cost $10,000 and i am trying to plan fincially, but raising $10,000 is way beyond realistic numbers for me to attain when i am taking care of myself and living in this world is not for free at all by any means. My options are to only do my best to get on the Honor Society and have them to pay MOST of the cost then i could cover the rest because as we know it finacial aid is not going to pay $10,000 or more when it just cost $3,000 for one year to attend Kcc unless there is something i don’t know about. My goal is to aim for Spain because of the field that i am going into. I will follow your blog and feel free to email me anytime about your experience in England i have a brother that visits England quite often and has friends that visit Plainfield Illionois on a yearly basis. What are you studing in England or what classes are you taking? where you are at are they nice to you and have you picked up the accent? also did you take Professor Alice Parker class for speech? if so then i definietly know who you are.


    1. Thank you, and yeah I was in Tinker’s speech class. To be honest with you, there was no way I could have afforded this on my own, but when there’s a will there’s way. Look into all the scholarship opportunities and government grants you can. I was fortunate enough to raise enough money to come here, and I know you could too. It’s just a matter of looking for each opportunity.


      1. Ok, What are you studing in England or what classes are you taking? where you are at are they nice to you and have you picked up the accent? Are the food portion sizes smaller servings than here in the United States? Is colder than it is here in Illinois?


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